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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Red Alert 3 Allies - Guardian Tank

Designation: Advanced Anti-Armor Tank
Manufacturer: United Armour
National Origin: United Kingdom
Mass-Produced at: Allied Armor Facility Key Features:
» 90 mm smoothbore gun
» Spyglass target designator
» Composite armor resists impact
» Rugged split-tread chassis
» Dual-encrypted comm array 

The Guardian Tanks is the main battle tank of the allies. It is very durable and can take easily light armored Soviet tanks. It has drones to help repair damaged armor. 

The Guardian Tank is equipped with Armor-piercing shells. It is very effective in smaller groups because they can easily crush the enemy armored units though it is very weak against fast moving targets. 

It carries target designator sight that will bolster the attack power of its forces. The Guardian tank has no defense against Aircraft, that makes an easy prey for the Soviet Twinblades. So you need an anti-air support like the Multigunner IFV to mix with the Guadian Tanks.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Red Alert 3 Soviets - Bullfrog

Designation: Anti-Air Amphibious Troop Carrier
Manufacturer: Kazminov Design Bureau
National Origin: U.S.S.R.
Mass-Produced at: Soviet War Factory, Soviet Naval Yard Key Features:
» PVS 5-7 Tucha Cannon
» CC98 Hlopushka Troop-Deployment System
» Treads deploy automatically on contact with land
» Intimidating "shark-tooth" paint job
» Passenger room for five

Bullfrog is an amphibious anti-air vehicle and proven effective against air units. It is a variant the Soviet Flak Track. It has a feature to carry troops and infantry launching device that can bring infantry in the heart of the battle, from sea to land.

The Bullfrog cannot attach ground force just like Sickles cannot attack air. Because it is cheap it is essential for mass production combined with Sickles makes it a perfect combination for Apocalypse support.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Red Alert 3 Soviets - Sickle

Designation: Anti-Infantry Walker
Manufacturer: Kazminov Design Bureau
National Origin: U.S.S.R.
Mass-Produced at: Soviet War Factory Key Features:
» Three PKX 12.7 mm heavy machine guns
» Three sealed swivel-ball canopies
» Pressurized stilt-leg suspension
» Sealed ammo hold prevents internal fires
» AM clock-radio

Sickle is an agile mech in Red Alert 3 and larger version of Terror drone but it is operated by Soviet troops. It has 3 machine guns that will fire independently on separate targets. The Sickles can fire while moving make it essential for hit and run tactics. 

The bad thing about Sickles is it can't attack on the air. Just like the Bullfrog can't on the ground, so it needs the two units supporting each other while advancing enemy positions. It can jump behind enemy lines which are good for ambush missions.

The Sickels are cheap makes it a weapon for mass production and anti personnel unit.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Red Alert 3 Soviet - Conscript

Designation: Anti-Infantry
Training Headquarters: Kremlin Premier Recruitment Center
Field-Trained at: Soviet Barracks
Creed: "Our motherland will protect our bones!" Accessories:
» 7.62 mm ADK-45 assault rifle (used)
» Greatcoat with service branch insignia (used)
» 20 quart synthetic XL satchel (new)
» Cloth sashes for protecting the feet (new)
» Fashionable fur hat (used)

The Soviet forces is known for its massive number of foot soldiers. They can numbered their enemies and  are equiped with powerful assualty rifle the AK47 has molotov cocktails to use as grenade to burn slow moving targets and even buildings to smoke out enemy units.

Red Alert 3 Soviets - V4 Rocket Launcher

Designation: Mobile Artillery
Manufacturer: Vodnik Rocket Arsenal
National Origin: U.S.S.R.
Mass-Produced at: Soviet War Factory Key Features:
» V4 "Molot" Multiwarhead firing mechanism
» Self-sealing portable rocket assembly
» Glass canopy offers high visibility
» Graphing paper dispenser w/ compass
» Rugged all-terrain treads

V4  Rocket Launcher is a mobile artillery unit. Its an excellent long range and  one of the most devasting and effective Soviet weapon. The V4 Rocket Launcher now carries multiwarheads on its rockets to attack infantry units with big area of damage or it can choice to attack in full war for singles targets that can easily destroy buildings. The new design of the V4 Rocket which is small enough to be airlifted by Twinblade helicopters.
As long as the V4 rocket launcher keeps its distance against enemy forces, it will be destructable and almost impossible to stop.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Red Alert 3 Soviets - Kirov Airship

Designation: Heavy Bomber
Manufacturer: Krasna Aerospace
National Origin: U.S.S.R.
Mass-Produced at: Soviet Airfield Key Features:
» BOR-57 "Grom" 800 kg. bomb payload
» Self-sealing flame-resistant envelope
» Gastroburner chemical dispenser
» Luxurious lounge and kitchenette
» Intimidating "shark-tooth" paint job

The most devasting air unit, the new Kirov airship is high demand to the Soviet airforce makes it time consuming and expensive  due to short in supply.

Kirov airships armed with limitless bombs that will rip apart a single enemy base. It has the ability to use gastroburners that can increase the speed of this giant beast but it can destroy the ship due to toxic if it will be use for a long period of time.

Luxury at a premium -- Kirov Airships are new and in high demand, and therefore in short supply. While increasing numbers of Soviet airbases are being given authority to manufacture these dirigibles locally, this process is time-consuming and expensive.

If a Kirov will be shot down, chemical compound and bombs that carried on this ship will explode once it touches the ground.

Red Alert 3 Soviets - Twinblade

Designation: Anti-Surface Assault Transport
Manufacturer: Krasna Aerospace
National Origin: U.S.S.R.
Mass-Produced at: Soviet Airfield Key Features:
» 60mm "Oduvanchik" rocket pod (x4)
» PKX 12.7mm heavy machine gun (x2)
» Passenger cabin w/ reading material
» Towing cables fit most vehicles
» Dual rotors for a stable ride

Twinblade is an Assault Helicopter for close air support operation. It can easily overwhelm ground units with it's unstoppable machine gud and rockets. The Twinblade is good for hit and run tactics as its rockets slow to rearm. The Twinblade can transport troops that could be deployed on the battle. It pick up and move other combat vehicles makes it a very versatile unit. The only weakness of the Twinblade is the fighter plances of the Allies.


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